Market Risk

To grow your money successfully you must assume some market risk – or so says conventional Wall Street wisdom. When the market goes up, it is exciting to watch your money grow. Unfortunately, when the market falls, the losses can be devastating.

Once money leaves your savings account because of a market drop it is gone – for good! Sure, over time you can re-grow the balance, but once you lose the earning power of the money in your account, it can never be reclaimed.

market riskAnd to make matters worse, re-growing your money to make up for a loss is always more difficult. For instance, if you had $100 in your savings and lost 20% due to a market drop, you’d have $80 left. But if you re-grew that money by 20% (the amount of the original loss) you’d only have $96. In fact, you would have to grow that $80 by 25% just to get back to your original balance of $100. Now, add a couple of zeros to those numbers and you realize how devastating losses can be.

But is there a way to grow your money – with market like returns – and eliminate the impact of market loss? In fact, there is, and learning more about the Fortune Builder Wealth Plan will unlock the secrets of saving without risk. Fill out the form on this page and let us show you how we do it.


market risk

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